fredag den 18. december 2015


Size Medium
Costs 20 US $

Love is meant to be shared. So if you give a lot of love, you will experience a lot of love in your life. Love is the essence of life, sometimes we forget because of what happens in our lives. Often we have to transform the pain before we can feel and see it. Love is eternal means that the love you share will always be here. That's how people will remember you, when you are gone. That love the can share with others and so on...

Acrylic on paper
Medium size
20 US $

"Take care of your heart in any possible way. Let love be your mantra!"

As adults we have to learn how to open our hearts in order to love ourselves and others. The word love can be used as a mantra, you use when you meditate, it can be an affirmation you say to yourself, it can be written on a piece of paper, wood, pebble etc. to remind you how important the essence of love is to you. You can even make a ceremony to acknowledge how important it is to you, and how much you want to share that love with the world.

Acrylic on paper
Medium size
20 US $

"Let your heart shine like a bright star!"

Remember you are loved by this universe. Sometimes you might wonder, if it is true. But you always get what you radiates. You might carry around a lot of old stuff in your unconscious mind, that needs being cleared out first, before you can feel that love. Today there are so many ways to do that, you have to find your own way. I used a lot of therapy to do that ... but today there are so many other ways of dong it. Then you can radiate the same light as a bright star.

Acrylic on paper
Medium size
20 US $

Acrylic on paper
Medium size
20 US $

" The glow of a sunset is such a miracle, and then the stars come out and dance ..."

The Glow Mandala reminds us of being true to ourselves.Glowing is all about finding peace with ourselves and our past. Finding the love in everything we have learned growing up ... and then we automatically radiate that love.

Acrylic on paper
Medium size
20 US $

"Life is precious. Enjoy every moment of beauty that you discover! It might silently ask you to slow down to dwell on it. What a gift that would be."

Don't you enjoy stopping and admiring a flower? It really radiates pure beauty. It's beauty transcends from its essence. The essence that we all are a part of. So flowers essentially tell us of our own essence, it point us in that direction.

Acrylic on paper
Medium size
20 US $

"Flowers are pure beings. They show us their essence which attracts us."

As already said, the pure essence of flowers opens up to a consciousness beyond our daily lives. We have to be still and just breathe to experience that essence. Just look at the flowers, they are never busy, they just ARE. Often we forget to just be in our daily lives, we are so busy doing stuff that we forget to just pause, take a deep breath, relax and just be in that moment and nothing else.

Acrylic on paper
Medium size
20 US $

"A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms"

Another reminder from the flowers of how important it is, sometimes just to take a deep breath and let go of anything else. We are not here to please others, we are here to find our own path through life. So do what feels right in your heart!

To buy one of these pieces you can just use the PayPal button, write your email and home address, what you want to buy, the prize and the shipping prize of 5 US $. Then I'll get the message and send you your purchase.

mandag den 14. december 2015


I have some goddesses and angels up for sale. I use them to inspire me and make me remember which qualities I posses. 

The Goddess of Solitude
21 x 21 cm
20 US $

Solitude is so important for me ... don't think it's loneliness. Solitude is about spending some kind of quality time with yourself. I love to draw and paint, so that's really something that makes my soul fly free and I get inspired by. Walking in nature is something I love to do too, in solitude feeling free and one with all that is.

The goddess of Survival
21 x 21 cm
20 US $

Growing up isn't easy, there are so much to learn and adjust to. We have to find our inner strength to do so, and here the goddess of survival is a great help, she teaches us to fight for what we believe in.
She backs you up and tells us that we can survive.

Angel of Light
Enjoy Life
21 x 21 cm
20 US $

The Angel of Light inspires us to live a joyful life, everything doesn't have to be so serious. It's okay to have fun and play ... it adds color to life.

Angel of Spirituality
Set Free
21 x 21 cm
20 US $

The Angel of Spirituality is here to teach us to find freedom in our lives. We don't always have to follow the path others think is right for us, we can go the path we choose. And all we have learned growing up, doesn't always serve us as adults, sometimes we have to let go of old patterns and create new ones. What makes you feel free?

Angel of Love
21 x 21 cm
20 US $

What makes you smile? Being loved always make me smile and feel good! Love is such an important word, we have to learn to love ourselves and others. But how do we do that? What makes you feel good? What makes you smile? And to me, love is the answer to every single question.

Angel of Joy
Having Fun
21 x 21 cm
20 US $

The Angel of Joy reminds us of having fun in our lives, we often forget that in a busy work life. What makes your heart sing? That's a joyful life to me, having fun with my family and friends, drawing and painting give me so much joy, it's a true high in my life, going into nature always makes my heart sing. Give room for more JOY in your life!

Angel of Peace
Letting go
21 x 21 cm
20 US $

The angel of peace is so important in my life. I don't wanna fight any more! I want to live in peace with myself and my surroundings! So I have to look inside myself first to see what doesn't serve me any more more. My fears, my anger, my resentment ... ??? Then I have to find a way to make peace with those feelings. Then I can look at the people that surround me and how they treat me. But remember always to work through your own issues first! Then I can can start dreaming about how I want my life to be. So The Angel of Peace is bringing forward one of the most important issues in your life.

All these pictures are made on paper with acrylic, their size is 21 x 21 cm / 8.25 x 8.25", and cost 20 US $ / 125 DKK.

fredag den 27. november 2015

Selling my art

Hello again!

I'll start selling my art after working with drawing and painting for the last 3 years, especially this last year I've worked intensively,  mostly with mandalas ... which you will see a lot of in the future...

My Inner Child
Acrylic on paper
21 x 21 cm/ 8.25" x 8.25"
Costs 20 US$/ 125 kr

I've decided only to sell originals. I find they tell so much more about the process and have so much more spirit. Don't you agree?

Over the years I have intensely done a lot of self healing work, and therefor also worked with my inner child, a term that mostly refer to your feelings, which are mostly shaped when you were a child.
All this inspired me to the picture " My inner Child". It is told that 75 % of us are growing up in a dysfunctional family, and the rest of us have repressed those memories and feelings. I don't know if that's true. What do you think?

Floral Consciousness
Acrylic on paper
21 cm/ 8.25 x 8.25"
Costs 20 US$ / 125 kr

On a happier note, I spend a lot of time in nature, my most favorite place to be. "Floral consciousness" grew out of one of these experiences. Inspired by that, I wrote a quote for that: "Nature grows in silence ... we need silence to be in touch with the inner consciousness".

Quotes - whether it's mine or someone else's - will always be on the back of the paper, along with a date of when I created the picture, and of course my signature.

The goddess of Care
Acrylic on paper
21 x 21 cm / 8.25 x 8.25"
Costs 20 US$ / 125 kr

I often get inspired by other artists, whom I might see on Facebook or Instagram. I have always found it difficult to draw faces, so as a challenge for my self, I decided to make a series of goddesses that could inspire me ... and hopefully others!

The goddess of Strength
Acrylic on paper
21 x 21 cm / 8.25 x 8.25"
Costs 20 US$ / 125 kr

You can follow me on Instagram: olyja
you can go to my page on Facebook: ojasgallery

Hope to "see" you again!

mandag den 19. januar 2015

5 Days of Mandala Magic

I attended Julie Gibbons Free 5 Days of Mandala Magic, which was such an outstanding experience, and opened my eyes to whole new aspects of mandala making.

I got to be creative too. Here you can see what I made back then.

Here I learned to use the compass to draw a lotus flower.
Then I could suddenly figure out how to make a yin-yang figure with the compass too.
We were taught how to make a hamsa figure, very popular in the Middle East.
This collage was started by setting our intentions for 2015.

fredag den 7. marts 2014


After making Lava, I felt for trying out some shapes. I had a long brake, where I had to take care of my body.

September 28, 2013
Dissolution of the Ego's
September 27, 2013

September 29, 2013
Circles of Life
September 28, 2013

After making Lava, I felt for trying out some shapes.


Lava 1, 2, and 3
August 25, 2013
I saw this technique used online by some American teacher, I had to try it for myself. People see so many different things in them. What do you see?


Pieris Brassicae
The Large White/ Cabbage Butterfly
Stor Kålsommerfugl
August 23, 2013
And this next one is not so common in our garden:
Anthocharis Cardamines
The Orange Tip
August 24, 2014


Vanessa Atalanta
Red Admiral Butterfly
August 21, 2013
A very common butterfly in our garden.
The next one is a:
Inachis Io
European Peacock Butterfly
August 23, 2013

A long break

Today I feel for the first time in a very long time, I have the energy to post here on my blog. Not that I haven't been drawing and painting in all this time. I have! That little energy I had, I used exactly for that. Here are some of the drawings from these last months, starting with some butterflies from last summer ....

Aglais Urticae
Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly
Nældens Takvinge
August 19, 2013
Our stay at the beach house in Kobæk inspired me to make a small series of butterflies.

torsdag den 22. august 2013


August 9th 2013, Kobæk Beach, Skælskør, Denmark

August 10th 2013, Kobæk Beach, Skælskør, Denmark
August 11th 2013, Kobæk Beach, Skælskør, Denmark
August 11th 2013, Kobæk Beach, Skælskør, Denmark
August 12th 2013, Kobæk Beach, Skælskør, Denmark